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We're a friendly and welcoming Bible believing evangelical church made up of people from all walks of life, united by our love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please do have a look around the website and get in touch if you have any questions.

An online (and soon in person) informal 4 week course

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Our church was founded 150 years ago - for more information click here.

What's On?

Come along and get involved

We're a vibrant, active church with lots on throughout the week - including toddler groups, clubs for school children and teenagers, ladies meetings, an art group, and of course Bible studies and prayer meetings. Check out our Facebook page or contact us for more information on the latest activities.

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Sundays are Special

Sunday Services: 10.30 am & 6.00 pm (4.30 on the second Sunday of the month).

Sunday is a very special day for us. It is a day when we can meet together after a busy week to hear God speak, and to remember eternity and the things that really matter.  We love Sundays!!

For more information, particularly if you're coming for the first time, see the 'Come Along' page.

A crèche with a video link is available during the morning service and there are 3 Sunday School classes for the children.


    Wednesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study: 7:45-9.00 pm

    Note - 2nd Wednesdays of the month are Fellowship Groups held in homes NOT church.

    We have learned that as human beings we are very weak.  With that in mind we are so glad that our God is mighty and that he wants us to bring our cares and requests to Him in prayer.  Prayer is the heart of everything we do as a church.  We couldn’t stress that enough!

    Work and life during a busy week can take its toll.  That is why we meet together on a Wednesday night.  Together we learn how to pray from the Bible and bring specific requests from home and overseas.

    We also announce special times of prayer throughout the year, and meet on the 4th Saturday morning of each month.

    Fellowship Groups - 2nd Wednesday of the month, IN HOMES: 7:45-9.00 pm

    Once a month we meet together in smaller groups.  We study God’s Word and pray together.  Please contact us for further details.


    Friday Club    (school year 7+)    7.30-9.00 pm   during term time

    Growing up through the teenage years is tough! We take this seriously and want to help our young people think things through.

    God isn’t afraid of us asking Him hard questions and digging deep into Scripture.  On a Friday night we alternate between honest and serious study (in a home) with honest and serious fun!!! (at church).


    Children are very precious to God.  Listen to Jesus, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Luke 19:14


    They are also very precious to us as a church. Therefore we have numerous activities to help the children have fun and learn about the good news of Jesus for themselves.

    Tuesday Club    (school years 3-6)    6.15-7.30 pm   during term time

    A lively programme of games, crafts and Bible stories told in an interesting way.


    Tiger Tots'  toddler group    Monday 10.00-11.30 am   during term time

    Note : Our first day back after the summer break is the 12th September.

    We have a large comfortable room where the children can play with a variety of toys, and there is a weekly craft activity.

    We also have a safe baby area for new born and very young babies – a good place to meet other new parents. The session ends with a story and songs.  Before the summer break we have a mum’s meal out in an evening, and there is a children’s party at Christmas time.

    Please note that it's a very popular group and we currently have a waiting list.  The situation  does change from time to time but for the moment we have had to close it. This is constantly under review and any changes will be announced here - but do please get in touch and let us know you're interested.



  • MEN

    The Bible has a lot to say about what a Christian man should look like. He wants us to be humble, strong, tender, full of joy and willing to use our strength to protect and encourage others.

    At Upton we look for ways to build and encourage godly, strong men with tender hearts.  From time to time we will have Bible studies, read books, and plan activities together.


    At Upton we are blessed with a strong base of godly ladies of all ages.  Ladies who care for each other and look for ways to help, encourage and grow one another's faith in Christ. The ladies meet regularly in groups for prayer, Bible studies and other organised fun events (muddy fun runs included!)

    There are regular Bible studies throughout the month.  Please get in touch for further details.

    Our 2015 team in the Cancer Research  Pretty Muddy race


    Being a student is both scary and super exciting!  It is an open door of  possibilities; some good and others not so good. Each week you will find students in our meetings. It is a joy to have them.

    For us they are an important part of our church family. We seek to help them settle in a new city, provide help and encouragement in their studies and relationship with God.  They also seem to enjoy the hot cooked lunches offered each weekend.


    Thursday 10.00am - 12.00  in the church building

    The Art & Craft Group is open to all who enjoy painting or other crafts, whether experienced or 'would like to have a go'.

    Help is available from enthusiastic folk if needed.   We start the session with tea or coffee and a ‘thought for the day’, then it's down to work!

Come Along!

We're put together a list of things which may be helpful if you don't usually go to church...


    ✻   Please don’t worry if you feel a bit nervous.  We understand.  In fact many of us still remember the first time we walked into a church and tried to sit at the back!! Please be assured it will be lovely to have you.

    ✻   Dress code? There is none! Come as you are. On a Sunday you will see ordinary people wearing ordinary clothes.

    ✻   You are very welcome to either or both services. The morning service is busier because younger children and older people tend to find it easier in the morning. Each service lasts no longer than one and a half hours.

    ✻   You will be greeted at the door by a friendly face who will welcome you and answer any of your questions.

    ✻   Each Sunday we do the same things (No hidden surprises!) Throughout the service we will sing some hymns, pray, read the Bible, hear a sermon that explains and applies the Bible to our lives, and there will be a time for the children.  Rest assured you won’t be asked to do anything.

    ✻   On some occasions we will have a time when, as believers, we celebrate Communion. This will last about 10 minutes, everything will be explained and you can quietly sit and watch what goes on.

    ✻   We run various children’s Sunday school class during the service, and there is a Crèche for the little ones.

    ✻   We take a collection during the morning service.  This is part of our worship and members give to support the work in Upton and throughout the world.  Please don’t feel you have to give. You are welcome to be with us without having to pay!!!

    ✻   At the end of each service we enjoy tea, coffee, biscuits and sometimes even scrummy cakes.  It is a lovely time to meet new people, and talk about the sermon and the things that matter to us.

Right by the A41, not far from the zoo, we're very easy to find.



    Our address is  Flag Lane South, Upton, Chester, CH2 1LB, and the postcode will work in a Satnav.


    If you're coming from the the Wirral / Ellesmere Port direction we're second on the right as you come into Upton - the road before the traffic lights.


    Coming from Chester on the A41, turn next left after the traffic lights by the shops.



    The nearest station is just under a mile away (Bache).



    If you'd like a lift please do get in touch.


Sermons Online

Our sermons are stored on SoundCloud.  Click on the icon to the right to go to the full archive.

SoundCloud Apps

If you're using a phone or tablet, you may prefer to install the App.

Listening Offline

It is possible to listen offline on a mobile device, though the SoundCloud App now require a paid subscription.

If you come to UBC, ask the deacon responsible.

Sermon Series

Much of our preaching is based on systematically going through a book of the Bible.  To listen to a complete series use the 'Playlists' on our SoundCloud page.

About Us

We are a group of people who have found life in Jesus Christ. I know that may sound very suspicious in a time when we are repeatedly told that God doesn’t exist.  But it is true!  Our church is made up of lots of different people from every area of life.  Yet we have all realised that God is real and that He has made it possible for us to be forgiven and to live in a loving relationship with Him.  It’s like finding out life was meant to be lived in colour when all you are used to is black and white!

As a church we exist to:

✻   Worship God in the whole of our life.

✻   Love one another.

✻   Reach out to others in our community and throughout the world with the life-transforming news of Jesus.


Upton Baptist Church has a long history - the work started 150 years ago at Grosvenor Park in Chester.

  • What We Believe

    As a church we adopt as a summary of our beliefs the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith which gives a concise statement of biblical doctrine. In no way is it equal to the infallibly authoritative Word of God. A brief summary of what we believe follows.


    The Scriptures

    God has revealed himself in the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testaments alone. These Scriptures in their entirety were given by inspiration of God and are, as originally written, the very Word of God. They are therefore without error and utterly reliable with regard to fact and teaching. They are thereby the only infallible and authoritative rule of all saving knowledge, faith and obedience.


    Doctrine of God

    There is only one God, the maker, sustainer and ruler of all things according to his sovereign will and for his own glory.  He exists eternally in three distinct persons,  Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who are equal and with no division of nature, essence or being. He is unchangeably perfect in all his attributes. To him all people owe the highest love, reverence and obedience.


    From eternity he decreed all things that happen, and perpetually governs all creatures and events.  However he is in no way the author or approver of sin, nor does his decree in any way diminish or violate the responsibility of men.


    The Human Race

    All men and women, being created in the image of God, have inherent and equal dignity and worth.  Their greatest purpose is to obey, worship and love God.


    Our first parents, Adam and Eve, were created by God in perfect righteousness.  By disobedience, they lost that righteousness and became corrupt.  The guilt of Adam's first sin is imputed to all men who are born in a sinful state and condition, called original sin.  Every aspect of human nature has been corrupted, and all men and women are without spiritual life, guilty before God and hostile to him.


    Every person is therefore under the just condemnation of God, and needs to be born again, forgiven, and reconciled to God in order to know and please him.  Although responsible to do so, they are unable of themselves to repent of sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.


    The Lord Jesus Christ

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, and is both fully God and fully man.  He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and lived a sinless life in obedience to the Father.  He thus perfectly fulfilled the law, suffered, and died on the cross in the place of sinners, bearing God's punishment for their sin, redeeming them by his blood.  He rose from the dead, and in his resurrection body ascended into heaven where he is exalted as Lord of all.   He intercedes for his people in the presence of the Father.



    Salvation is entirely a work of God's grace, and cannot be earned or deserved.  It has been accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ and is offered to all in the gospel.  Those who have been predestined to be saved, God in his love and by his word and Holy Spirit calls  into fellowship with his Son.  This is on the basis of his mercy in Christ, not because of foreseen merit or faith in them.


    He grants them repentance by which they are convicted of the evil of their sin.  He enlightens their minds and renews their wills and affections, so that, hating their sin, they humbly seek to walk before God in order to please him in all things.


    He grants faith, by which the sinner rests upon Jesus Christ alone for salvation.  Through faith alone the righteousness of Christ is imputed to the sinner,  justifying. him in God's sight.


    All who believe in Christ are adopted into the family of God, and enjoy all the liberties and privileges of the children of God.


    Those whom God saves through faith in Christ will never totally or finally fall away from the state of grace, but will persevere to the end.


    The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit regenerates and indwells all believers, and renews their whole nature, bringing assurance of salvation, and producing an increasing holiness and likeness to Christ.


    The Church

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the universal church, to which all God's elect belong.  It is made visible in local churches, which are congregations of believers who are committed to each other for the worship of God, the preaching of the Word, the administration of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, for pastoral care and discipline, and for evangelism.

    The unity of the Body of Christ is expressed within and between churches faithful to the gospel,  by mutual love, care, and encouragement.



    Baptism is an ordinance of the Lord Jesus Christ and is obligatory for every believer.  Rightly administered, it involves total immersion in water, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  It does not impart spiritual life, but is a symbol of union with Christ, in his death, burial and resurrection. It also symbolises entry into his church, and therefore precedes church membership.


    The Lord's Supper

    The Lord's Supper, administered with the unchanging elements of bread and wine, is a commemoration of Christ's sacrifice offered once for all, and should be observed by the church until he returns.


    The Future

    The Lord Jesus Christ will return in glory, visibly, personally and bodily. He will raise the dead, and judge the world in righteousness.  The wicked will be sent to eternal punishment, and the righteous, with glorified bodies, will live and reign eternally with Christ.  God will make all things new and will be glorified for ever.


Our Pastor and Elders

Dave Stott, Pastor

Dave came to Upton Baptist Church in 2008 after two years full-time training with Grace Baptist Church, Southport, during which time he also completed the FIEC ‘Prepared for Service’ course on which he served as the Course Rep.

Dave has worked extensively with young people and has led many youth camps.


Married to Rebecca, he has two teenage stepsons, Thomas and Sam, and a younger daughter, Phoebe. When time allows Dave loves being in the outdoors, especially in the mountains, whether walking, biking or camping.

To get in touch with Dave, please refer to our Contacts page.

Ian Williams, Elder

Ian joined the church in 1981. He served as a deacon for some years before becoming an elder in 1994.

He is married to Pauline and they have three grown-up children and two grandchildren. His "day job" is as the Quality Director of a pharmaceutical company.

Ian became a Christian just after leaving university in 1970, as a result of the prayers of Christian friends. He has completed the Evangelical Movement of Wales theological training course.


Ray Tibbs, Elder

Ray became a Christian in 1968 at the teacher training college (now the University). After 23 years in leadership of Baptist churches in other parts of the country, he moved back to the city in 2003 with his wife, Margaret. They had met at the college and took up teaching posts in London. They have 3 grown up children. Ray is now involved in producing bible teaching material for children.


  • Our Deacons

    • Alex Taylor

      Alex grew up in Milton Keynes and had virtually no Christian input besides Christmas trips to church. It was after University when, grieving for his Grandfather, he started to question if there was more to life.

      "A friend started to tell me about God",he says, "not the distant idea of God that so many people have, but of a father figure with whom you can have a real and personal relationship. I was intrigued nand started to go to church to try and learn more. Over time I came to see that Jesus Christ was not just a story told to children, but was the actual Son of God who laid down his life so that my sins could be forgiven and that without ever accepting that sacrifice there was no way I could ever be right with God."

       Alex and Jo have been married for seven years and live in Upton with their little boy William. Alex continues, "We started our married life in Manchester where we had met at University, and moved to Chester six years ago when we felt, after much prayer, that God had shown us it was time to move. Listening to God's direction is quite a difficult thing to do but God has rewarded our faith in His guidance".

    • Colin Dyke

      Colin is our Church Secretary. He became a Christian through the witness of two Christian friends. He could see that there was something different in the lives of these friends that gave them a peace that he knew nothing about.

      On Good Friday 1975 Colin picked up a copy of a Christian newspaper in the digs where he was living. One article that Colin turned to again and again was one that explained that Jesus had died on the cross for sinful people and that we all needed to confess our sin before God.

      Colin says: "After thinking these things over for a while I went to my room and prayed, asking God to forgive my sins and come into my life as Lord and Saviour "


    • Peter Siddorn

      Peter's role as a deacon in the church is to take primary responsibility for the church site and building. He and his wife met while they were studying veterinary science at Liverpool University. They now run a farm on the outskirts of Chester. It was in 1975, during his studies at Liverpool, that Peter became a Christian.

      Having been brought up to attend the local anglican church Peter was challenged by the Christians he met at Uni. It was obvious that they had more than a head knowledge of the Bible. They claimed to know Jesus Christ personally.

      Over several months of attending the university Christian Union, Peter realised that he needed to ask God to forgive the sins of his past, and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into his life as both Saviour and Lord.

      Peter has never regretted making that step of faith and today is still seeking to know God better and discover new lessons to be learnt and applied from His Word, the Bible.

    • Ian Thompson

      Ian came to the church in 2003, and continues to enjoy the teaching, fellowship, and support that characterises Upton Baptist.  He became a Christian in his early teens after hearing the gospel several thousand times since his earliest years, but it was only at that point that the Lord showed him he needed to personally turn to Him for forgiveness.

      He is married to Liz (a paediatric consultant) and they have two bright and cheery daughters, Rachel and Emily.  His professional background is IT / management, but he now runs his own photography business.

      Within the church Ian serves as a deacon focusing on communication and IT equipment, helping with Friday Club, and various other activities.

      Any spare time is taken up with walking their Labrador, photography, mountain biking, canoing & kayaking, and off-road running.

    • John Hocking

      John’s role in the church is Treasurer and as such, he is responsible for overall management of the church finances, including budgeting and making payments to the various missionaries and organisations we support, as well as dealing with day to day expenses.

      John was brought up as a Roman Catholic and attended church regularly, until his teenage years, when he became indifferent to organised religion.  One evening, whilst out in Chester city centre, John was invited to a coffee bar where he met people who attended church, not out of duty, but because they had a living and vibrant relationship with God. John was challenged by this and realising the importance of a personal living relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, made a commitment himself at the age of 20 and has never regretted following Christ ever since.

      As a husband, father and Christian businessman, John is able to testify of God’s involvement in his life on a daily basis, adding a whole new purpose and meaning to life on earth which was never there previously and a promise and assurance of eternal life with God in heaven when he dies.

  • Privacy Policy

    Upton Baptist Church holds personal information about staff, church members,

    regular church attendees and other individuals who have provided such

    information for a specific purpose.

    This information is used for the following purposes:


    1. The production of our “Members and Friends Prayer Diary” – copies of

    which are given to all whose names appear on it. Copies are also made

    available on request to others who have started attending the church since

    it was produced.

    2. The day-to-day administration of the Church (including maintaining

    membership records, providing pastoral care and oversight, preparation of

    rotas and maintaining financial records of giving for tax purposes).

    3. The day-to-day administration of Church activities (including but not limited

    to children’s and youth activities, Parents and Toddlers, Holiday Bible Club,

    “Who Let the Dads out?”, and the Art and Craft group).

    4. Communicating with those people whose contact details we hold to keep

    them informed of relevant Church activities and events.


    Upton Baptist Church recognises the importance of the correct and lawful

    treatment of personal data. All personal data, whether it is held on paper, on

    computer or other media, will be subject to the appropriate legal safeguards as

    specified in the General Data Protection Regulation 2017

    Upton Baptist Church fully endorses and adheres to the eight principles of the

    GDPR. These principles specify the legal conditions that must be satisfied in

    relation to obtaining, handling, processing, transportation and storage of personal

    data. Employees and any others who obtain, handle, process, transport and

    store personal data for Upton Baptist Church must adhere to these principles.


    1. The 8 Principles

    The principles require that personal data shall:

    1. Be processed fairly and lawfully and shall not be processed unless certain

    conditions are met.

    2. Be obtained for a specified and lawful purpose and shall not be processed

    in any manner incompatible with that purpose.

    3. Be adequate, relevant and not excessive for those purposes.

    4. Be accurate and where necessary, kept up to date.

    5. Not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose.

    6. Be processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights.

    7. Be kept secure from unauthorised or unlawful processing and protected

    against accidental loss, destruction or damage by using the appropriate

    technical and organisational measures.

    8. Not be transferred to a country or territory outside the European Economic

    Area, unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of

    protection for the rights and freedoms of data subjects in relation to the

    processing of personal data.


    2. Maintaining Confidentiality

    Upton Baptist Church will treat all your personal information as private and

    confidential and not disclose any data about you to anyone other than the

    leadership, administrators and activity co-coordinators of the church in order to

    facilitate the administration and day-to-day ministry of the church.

    All Upton Baptist Church staff and volunteers who have access to Personal Data

    will be required to agree to sign a Confidentiality Policy and a Data Protection


    There are four exceptional circumstances to the above permitted by law:

    1. Where we are legally compelled to do so.

    2. Where there is a duty to the public to disclose.

    3. Where disclosure is required to protect the interest of an individual.

    4. Where disclosure is made in response to a formal request or with the

    individual’s consent.


    3. Use of Personal Data

    Upton Baptist Church will use personal data for three main purposes:

    1. The day-to-day administration of the church; e.g. pastoral care and

    oversight including calls and visits, preparation of rotas, the organisation of

    activities and maintaining financial records of giving for audit and tax


    2. Communications designed to keep individuals informed of church activities

    and events.

    3. Statistical analysis; gaining a better understanding of church


    Personal data will not be used for any purposes other than set out in this



    4. Control of Personal Data

    1. Personal data will be held only where clear and unambiguous consent

    has been given for the purpose for which it will be used. This consent

    can be withdrawn by any data subject on written request.

    2. People who will have secure and authorised access to the data include

    Elders and Deacons, Church Trustees, Activity Team Leaders,

    Fellowship Group Leaders, and administrators.

    3. Personal information shared by a data subject during personal

    conversations with members of the pastoral team will be treated as

    confidential and not shared further without their explicit consent.

    Records will be retained only as long as they remain relevant to the

    appropriate exercise of pastoral care (i.e. “legitimate interest”).

    4. Access to personal computers or mobile devices that are used to store

    personal data will be restricted to the user of such devices and be

    controlled by a confidential password. Where possible, files should be

    further encrypted by means of a password.

    5. Printed attendance or contact registers that carry no more personal

    data than names, (and in the case of children, dates of birth and

    emergency contact details), have only minimal privacy impact and do

    not need to be treated as confidential. Other personal data held in hard

    copy form will not be held in a location open to unauthorised access.

    6. Personal data will NOT be accessed by any authorised users outside of

    the EU, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation

    2017, unless prior consent has been obtained from the individual whose

    data is to be viewed.

    7. All individuals who are the subject of personal data held by Upton

    Baptist Church are entitled to:

    • Ask what information the church holds about them and why.

    • Ask how to gain access to it.

    • Be informed how to keep it up to date.

    • Be informed what the church is doing to comply with its obligations

    under the General Data Protection Regulation 2017.

    8. Personal information will not be passed onto any third parties outside of

    the church environment.

    9. Personal information (including photographs) of individuals will not be

    published on our website without obtaining explicit and informed

    consent from the individuals concerned or their parents. We will never

    publish the names of children and young people alongside their


    10. The need to process data for normal purposes has been communicated

    to all data subjects. In some cases. If the data is sensitive, for example,

    information about health, race or gender, express consent to process

    the data must be obtained.

    11. Data will be held only as long as is necessary for processing.


    5. Right to Access or Correct Data

    Subjects whose personal data is held by Upton Baptist Church have the right to

    access any personal data that is being held in electronic or manual filing

    systems. This right is subject to one exemption: personal data may be withheld if

    the information relates to another individual.

    Similarly, if personal details are inaccurate, they can be amended.

    Any person who wishes to exercise this right should make the request to the

    Church Secretary in writing. Upton Baptist Church will aim to comply with any

    request for access to or correction of personal information as quickly as possible,

    but will ensure that it is actioned within 30 days of receipt unless there is good

    reason for delay. In such cases, the reason for delay will be explained in writing

    to the individual making the request.


    Version 1

    March 2018



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